50's Western Button Up

The other day I found this chemise incroyable that I completely forgot existed, in other words I stumbled upon it smashed into a corner in my room (As you can see by the wrinkles). I actually love this shirt though, my dad gave it to me after a friend of his' dad passed away and gave the shirt to my dad and he gave it to me since it was ill-fitting. It fits me relatively well but it is a bit long so I tucked it in. My dad said it was from the 50s. I appreciate it even more now, since back in the day my love for western style clothes wasn't as developed.

I opted to wear it with my thrifted messenger, Cheap Monday pants, secondhand calf hair boots, skull ring, watch and belt from a flea market. Pinky makes a guest appearance in these pictures.

Detail shot of the shirt, I love the western details like the pockets. I decided to wear the ring with this outfit because I feel it gives a predominately western style ensemble a bit of a twist/edge.

I played around with my sharkskin shirt with this outfit. I loved the added texture and I always like to play around with the concept of how you "should" wear garments. I was inspired to try this by this picture from Vogue Paris Mai 2009. I always consider when someone makes me look at how to wear a garment in a way I would never have imagined, to be very strong styling skills. As you may have noticed by now my inspiration is rarely literal...

from les scans de diorette
Something about the way the jean shorts are worn under the skirt, it's a total "fashion faux pas" by definition, but makes me think outside the box. Granted this is done in the photo probably solely for the photograph itself, but there's something deceptive about the styling that I love. I have to say it's also a bit of fashion anarchy too, it'd probably get the 'What Not to Wear' people a little antsy. I think Margiela does this too with a lot of his clothes, taking garments and giving them a completely new purpose with his artisanal line. In this day and age, where we've seen so much, for someone to do something artistic that really makes me think is something I applaud.

Oh yeah here's me goofin off with the cat. All smiles in June, we experienced a freak thunder storm here a few days back THAT SO RUDELY WOKE ME at 2 in the friggin morning. I thought A. The ~big~ earthquake B. North Korea snapped and attacked us C. Something somewhere exploded. But it turned out to be thunder and "Did you hear the thunder last night?" was usually the first thing out of someone's mouth the following day at school, but I digress.

VOTEZ S'IL VOUS PLAIT We still have a slim chance to chew bubblegum and kick ass (but be all out of bubble gum).