Big Bear

Hey guys! I'm back from the mountains, I went to Big Bear and stayed in a family friend's cabin. Thanks so much for the vlog comments, I hope to do another one soon. I figured I'd show you a few pictures from my trip.

The view from the cabin I stayed in.

Uhh goin batshit insane on a sugar high?

The "chapstick ad" at the supermarket LOL.

I think this was boulder bay, I was wearing a secondhand plaid shirt, American Apparel shirt and bathing suit, thrifted messenger, and Stacey Adams shoes. My legs have been updated from tan lines to sunburned... and hopefully then to no tan lines.

Goofin off with Lindz and Joe. Lindsi took all these pics, she's a great photographer! Not the cabin we stayed in by the way.

I was wearing a secondhand plaid shirt, see thru shirt from American Apparel, Target shorts, and Stacey Adams shoes. I wore that plaid shirt pretty much everyday I was there.

I end up loving candid shots of me the most, like this one. I just really love the photo it has nothing to do with me.

Expect Denim on Denim to be on its regular schedule for now on, I got some cool stuff to blog about this week including a follow up post on some cool finds from my trip!