Vintage jacket, mailbag, and shorts, Popkiller tee, PF Flyer sneakers

Took advantage of my neighbor's van being parked behind the fence to replace it with some art from Tokyo Genso. I'm really inspired by dystopian, post-apocalyptic metropolises and landscapes, I'd like to think that my plaid shorts would give my legs the freedom to traverse such places. This outfit has already been great for stumbling around normal cities I've visited this summer like New York and L.A. I didn't take a lot of pictures in New York or do anything blogger worthy, but I had a fantastic time and took these pictures from the top of the Empire state building to show you guys...

I was more than happy to let the bugs steal the show away from the Chrysler building in this shot.

I really wanted to try to capture how the lights shining from the ginormous billboards in Times Square looked gleaming out from the urban chasm.

Bart is the latest to join the clinking bag bunch.