I drew some parallels while digging through my closet between my roaring Godzilla tee and the snarling Givenchy Rottweiler tees that have been hitting the street style blogs. It's great to be able to express myself with a snarling beast through my torso without the Givenchy price tag - plus Godzilla's more my style (or lackthereof).
This post marks the beginning of that awkward dance I do every summer where I try to dress for my surrounding sweltering climate. Admittedly, after being reminded of what East Coast humidity is like I feel like I can handle any dinky heatwave Southern California has to offer, it's just hard to overcome the urge to throw on black gym shorts and a heathered tee and call it a summer day.

I've been slowly amassing a collection of sneakers to wear this summer to take the heat off of my go-to strappy shoes and to deter myself from giving up on getting dressed up in the hot weather. My innate desire for feet leverage in the form of ankle boot heels has given way to practicality, because maybe beatle boots aren't the best footwear for the beach.
Luckily I came across these John Varvatos Converse on Melrose the other day, a great distraction until the more temperate seasons yield me my coveted ankle boots.

Happy fourth everyone! Bloggers: Don't play with dangerous fireworks because if you blow your hands off no one will type your posts for you.