Braved "carmageddon" to dig for treasures yesterday morning...

Caveman clock & what looks like a harpsichord.


Amazing pair of pants!

Would love to see how it'd sound...

Great tiger wood carving.

Whale & wood.

Looks like this cat's body is made out of telephone cord?

Mustache kit!

Evokes images of a certain Twilight Zone episode...

Really cool zipper.

For the horse lover...

Cool commie hat.

Amazing poncho.

Cool silver buckles

Boot clock...

...and umbrella basket.

Cool basket weave zipper boots.

Chippewa boots made for the LA fire dept.

Playboy boots!

Some funky platforms.

These would've been great at a bicentennial disco...

Doc Marten platforms. A weird shoe for them to make.

Some more funky footwear...

Would get along well with this Fall's Gucci collection.

I love how animalistic these are.

Really cool detail all over these.

Got a plethora of cool stuff, finally starting to feel excited about dressing for Summer!