Vintage shirt and necklace, American Apparel sweater, Miss Sixty pants, Rubber Duck sneakers

My pal Joe snapped this picture for me the other day. I try to get away with wearing pants in the summertime as much as possible, and if I can nudge in some long-sleeved layers even better. My neighbor's pesky van is still parked within my blogger perimeter so I once again took the opportunity to sneak in some art from Pixiv. Talk about your mixed blessings, it's been pretty fun digitally tearing down my driveway and adding in exotic backdrops.

I picked up this pendant at an antique store while staying with some friends at Big Bear Lake last month. I was really drawn to the texture of the decaying holster. When I look at it, images of a mecha moth emerging from its leather cocoon or leather lichens swallowing an aging tin relic come to mind, but that's probably more a side effect of having an overactive imagination than existing connotation (Which allows me to project HUGE fantasies about anything in my closet, not really that practical, but fun). To me its appeal has nothing to do with being a weapon, if you look at it with alien eyes it's just an interesting sculpted piece.