Another round of photos after paying a visit to one of my favorite flea markets... again, photo quality has been thrown to the wind.

My appreciation for bizarre displays of flea market goods has no bounds.

Indiana Jones explorer kit

Tasteful vintage tee.

I love this graphic!

Actually kind of morbid?

I never really cared for Thanksgiving... I'm glad a tee-shirt shares my negative sentiment.

Who doesn't love llamas?

Beautiful jacket.

Maybe it's because I live in a house with two Chihuahuas but I am always drawn to Chihuahua curios. I don't really know what exactly this is supposed to be other than a great piece of doggy kitsch.

Cool gasoline rainbows...

Why not dry your toes with one of Andy Warhol's silk screen classics?

Doll clothes can be so much better than people clothes! The doll clothes revolution should not have stopped with Margiela.

Creepy mini Michael Meyers demon doll.

Would fit right in with John Galliano's F/W 2007/08 show...

Check out the decaying detail on the rim of the shaft (We're talking about boots, get your mind out of the gutter!).

Really cool color scheme on these.

Cool strappy fuzz.

Cool colored mobiles...

Skeletons on display

This monkey head moved and squeaked when motion activated. So fantastically creepy and pointless!

Can never have too many castrators!

Great tour jacket, I've never seen one quite like it.

Great colors and design.

Cool stool.

This could have made a great photo had I bothered to wait for the people to leave, but y'know...

Rockin poster tape hairdo!

This was supposed to be posted last Monday, but I guess I don't know how to use Blogspot as well as I thought! I've been back east, I just got back from New York City and now I'm staying with some relatives in Massachusetts. I'll get back to usual posting next week when I get back!