This is one of my favorite outfits to wear lately because it has so much stuff I love crammed into a singular look. You got The Stones, Japan, Tie-Dye, muted white stitching etc. I got the shirt at Pop Killer in Little Tokyo in L.A. I'm really into pairing red and green together in a non-christmasy way, so the logo buddied with an olive green tee-shirt is spot on.

I got this critter at Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo as well. I'm not entirely sure where he's from, because the tag was in Japanese, but when I saw him he really caught my eye (HA!). I was originally gonna string him up on my messenger bag like I often do with similar cutesy anime paraphernalia, but to my dismay it appeared as though that would bring a world of dirt to its white coat. So I strung it up on the zipper of my jacket where it hangs from time to time.

I've been meaning to get these American Apparel pants for ages. I love them in every color they have, but I settled on the orange and brown because I've never seen tie-dye like that before. Plus I think the brown has a sordid quality to it, which I was drawn to. While I'm at it, challenging the realm of preconceived ideas of what constitutes holiday color combinations (i.e. red & green), I thought I'd step up to the challenge of orange and black. I don't think it really reads Halloween as much as it might read creepy - but that's alright with me.

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