Fluxus jacket, American Apparel shirt, vintage Levis, bracelet, bolo and boots.

I picked up these boots on one of my shopping trips to Little Tokyo in LA at a shop called Kimski Makes. I was instantly taken by these boots because, well, I'm not sure I can think of a less cheesy way of saying "I love America" without saying "I love America", but I do. Because once you get past the George Bushes' and Westboro Baptist Churches, there are some really brilliant and beautiful things about the home of the free.

I love the red, white, and blue American iconography and I think the composition of those colors on these boots works really well, since the dominant color is navy and the red and white stripes are left for subtle detail flashing and to be mostly your secret. I personally like wearing them with a lousy pair of jeans because they give the most banal look a shot in the arm. Not that you couldn't get flashy with these and tap into your inner Evel Knievel.

This time I styled them with a few more American things, such as a bolo and blue jeans, paired with some Lou Reed sensibility left over with the chipped black nail polish from my last post.

Thought I'd take some shots with the Ray-Bans. I hardly ever wear sunglasses aside from driving - I mean I try to where them during the collective 20 minutes I'm outside a week. I guess they're not really my thing, I do like to channel Warhol or Debbie Harry every now and then though.