Antique military coat, American Apparel scarf, Jean Paul Gaultier button-up, Levi's jeans, vintage boots

Thought I'd trot out my calvary jacket for a spin while the weather was cold enough - no one wants to be sweating, on top of crazy, in an antique wool military coat.
This time around (in case you'd like to know more about the jacket, here's a link to the original post), I was mostly inspired by all of the major players who have shaped my personal style over the years: Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, David Bowie, just to name a few, and, believe it or not, myself. I was looking at older pictures of myself with smudged kohl eyes and chipped nails and thought it'd be fun to take another crack at it (I was the most awkwardly glamorous 14-year-old you ever saw).

There's some carnaby-mod influences thrown in - I picked the clunky shoes to weigh the look down and I'm always up for draping my venomously acid green scarf over anything. The shirt is a Jean Paul Gaultier from the early 90s I got from Out of Vogue. I thought the shirt would be perfect to wear with this jacket- I plan to wear it a lot this summer so you'll definitely see more of it.

This picture reminds me of a sassy gesture that Mick Jagger might make on stage, the acid green and red remind me of his costume from the Stones' infamous Altamont show.

Just got back from LACMA on a school field trip - I'm inspired as I am exhausted!