Vintage cheetah pelt hat, sweater, necklace, boots, and pins, Godzilla shirt, and Gap Leather pants

Picked up this Godzilla shirt while I was in L.A.'s Little Tokyo a few weeks back. I thought I'd style it more on the Dropsnap-Fruits-side of my personal style spectrum, Godzilla hailing from Japan and all. If you've read my blog before, you may have seen Godzilla rear his ugly head more than a few times, peaking out of inspiration boards and such. I was raised on monster B-movies, especially japanese kaiju flicks - it's always nice to find a cool shirt with added nostalgia. This particular graphic features the Godzilla suit from Godzilla 1984, just in case you were wondering (I'm going refrain from opening the flood gates of my vast wealth of useless Godzilla trivia). Here's a scan of the graphic...

The lapels on my unmarked vintage sweater were begging to be pierced by rusty pins (Incidentally, my sweater makes me think of Margiela's collection of life-sized doll clothes. Maybe it's because it has no label? Yay for obscure references?). Featured currently on lapel rotation, are two of my favorites. I could've just taken crummy detail shots of them on my clothes, but I decided to go the extra mile and create crummy scanned naty-geo-spirational board things. It's artsy fartsy and all that shit (Kind of reminds me of a Comme Des Garcons ad. Yay for more obscure references?).