My childhood obsession with Star Wars has segued into my obsession with clothes. Admittedly, Episode I is a lot harder to sit through today than it was when I was 7, but I still have an intense appreciation for the visual aspects of the saga. I can indeed say in all seriousness that Boba Fett inspires me sartorially speaking, so when I remembered that we have a Boba Fett helmet in our garage I thought I'd be fun to pay tribute to the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy with some clothes of my own.

Levi's jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, vintage bracelets, shirt, fur vest and boots.

Pulled together some pieces with Fett's faded Mandalorian armor and braided Wookie scalps in mind. Took a shot without the helmet in case I ever decide to wear this outfit in a non-comic con setting.

My dad is going to sell these shoes, so I thought I'd put them to good use before he did. The soles and the cracked leather make me think of them as decaying battle tanks at my feet.