I apologize for the lack of new content! I've been swamped this past week with school obligations (which is actually pretty rare, thankfully). I would've done an outfit post, but my nose has been sunburned pretty badly (I can't take very much sun), so I'm waiting for it to work itself out and I'll return fresh as a daisy. For now, please enjoy these photos I took from last weekend's flea market.

Awesome mannequin. Brings to mind the Stones'Rock & Roll Circus performance of Sympathy for the Devil.

Hip-hop denim bathed in the early morning light...

Boro-style denim coat.

More hip-hop denim.

By the arms of this diety!

Has a lot of potential for my new bike helmet...


My dad and I came across a lot of jockey stuff this time around, but I thought this particular shirt looked cool contrasting against the bleak backdrop.

Sometimes I feel like every time I go someone is leaving me pieces to assemble a haunted house.

Awesome lamp and trinkets... Rick Owens has some furniture similar to the lamp in his Paris apartment if I'm not mistaken.

The brother of my patchwork hat.

This hat reminds me of something from Rerun's wardrobe from What's Happenin!!... I might be one of the only people of my generation that watched that show when they were a kid.

I hadn't seen these logos on a shirt before. I dig the crocs.

Western trash and glam...

I love Mariachi suits!

I've always found the idea of a women's suit in leather to be quite perverse.

Whenever I see signs like these, I always think of them hanging on the front of some kid's bedroom door.

Some shoes...

Cool slipper thingies

Playboy shoes!

Cool fringe vest.


Or the spicy Latin alternative to des fraises.