I've been really inspired lately by the denim from Dolce & Gabbana's F/W 10/11 show. I was instantly drawn to the dried sludge look of the jeans - appealing to the part of my style DNA that wants nothing more than to wear the collection of dirty, tattered, smelly jeans that once belonged to a coal miner who lived a century ago. I've been lucky enough to have fished out a pair of jeans in that direction from the Long Beach flea market last month. Collecting shabby denim has become a new obsession of mine. A guiltless one too since they cost about a fistful of change.

Levi's jacket & jeans, American Apparel sweater, vintage Navajo inspired necklace, & snakeskin boots

My pair of jeans with a meager sludge stain. I'm researching ways to gnarl these up more. A pair of baggy, button-fly busted jeans are perfect for the blossoming spring weather.

From experience, the color orange works best in the realm of accessories. I'm really feeling how orange looks with green, two colors that I think most people tend to shy away from the most in their wardrobes. Must be the combination of everyone's least favorite colors that's appealing to my impeccable taste.

So excited for Spring! I'll keep you guys updated on my denim mutilation projects.