As both a natural born collector and lover of images, the fact that the old photo teacher's National Geographic collection has been up for grabs in my class has kept me rather busy these past few months. I've made it a habit to snip away at the inspirational content and slip them into my photo binder during the free periods I have after I've finished enlarging my prints. Disrespecting school property? Probably, but our new photo teacher is indifferent to what we do to them since they've just been collecting dust. I took it easy until one day a few classmates decided to start harvesting them and that sent me into full-on image hoarder mode. So please enjoy this first round of clippings. Most are from issues from the 70s and 80s. I'm not 100% sure of the info behind of most of these, but I'll include whatever info I can remember. I have plenty more clippings and I've picked up a sizable amount at thrift stores around town so expect more posts as I work on scanning them!

One of my favorites: a rancher from Japan. It was from an article about the westernization of Japan.