Wedding headdress, India

I was gifted the book (un)Fashion by Tibor and Maira Kalman this past Christmas, and I have to say it was probably my favorite present! For a National-Geographic-Style image hunter/addict like myself, this book was a godsend. It's filled to the brim with a collection of inspiring images of people highlighting their styles from all over the world. My favorite thing about this book is the fact that all these people are wearing what they'd be wearing on any normal day; a showcase of pure, innate style. But I'm not posting to review the book, I thought I'd work on scanning the book. In my hunt for scans, I haven't come across any decent scans and figured I'd share mine with you guys. So here's some pictures I found most inspiring from the first few chapters with descriptions the book provided. I highly recommend picking up this book since my scans hardly do the pics justice!

Man with red scarf, Namibia
Woman with pot on her head
Tribesman wearing penis sheath, bigger the sheath, higher the rank, Paupa New Guinea
Charles Manson dress, USA

Spotted man with goggle mask, Indonesia

Two men carrying umbrellas, Mali

Soccer supporter, Nigeria

Two hip cats, Japan & Huli wig man painting face, Papua New Guinea

Mackerel can bracelet, Papua New Guinea

Woman wearing vest with buttons, USA

Kewa woman in mourning, Papua New Guinea

Woman with painted white face, Brranquilla Carnival, Colombia

Woman with jewlery, India

Highlander tribesman wearing yogurt lid through his nose, Papua New Guinea

Masai wearing pineappple can earring, Kenya