Another fistfull of images from my Flea Market travels. You may notice I was particularly drawn towards the footwear this time around.

I think the design of these is so clever! I mean, when doesn't a secret zipper on your boots come in handy?

Kind of a hybrid between my calf hair boots and my 50's rain boots. Needless to say I rigorously tried to jam my huge feet in there before I moved on, defeated.

The more I think about these, the more I need a pair of boots with flames on them! I think Margiela could have done an excellent version of these (Unless he did! Please enlighten me!).

These had some fabric detailing on them that reminded me of Proenza Schouler's rug boots. Once again, size kept me from uniting them with my feet.

Memorabilia from hell! I guess you know you've made it when your face is all over a pair of sneakers...

...or shirt?

Although a Hilary Clinton head with a deflated nose on a buff mannequin's torso may seem like something odd to stumble upon, but beyond the entrance gates of the Long Beach flea market it becomes a common occurrence.

Cool details on this jacket!

I love this robe! The man selling them had tons, some that even predated WWII.

If I bought this cantine, I'd have been one step closer to completing an entire cow!

Do chic people eat McDonalds?

The shirt is pretty meh but the zipper detail is pretty awesome.

This could be a graveyard of discarded baby dolls or where the parts of baby dolls are assembled before they're born. Another way of looking at the glass half empty or full?

Andd a helluva lot of zippers.

I'm April's featured story on LustalBoy.com!

Click the link to read my interview and to see the pictures I shot for the article! I realize that I'm looking to the left and right in all of the pictures, this was not intentional LOL. Thanks again LustralBoy!