What I've got on today

Here I'm wearing my second hand/vintage/whatever jacket, scarf and shirt from American Apparel, Cheap Monday jeans, two rings given to me, and my Stacey Adams boots.
The boots are I believe vintage because I got them second hand, for only 35 bucks! Guys' ankle boots with narrow shafts (I guess that's the word, I can't think of a better one) for skinny jeans to go over are pretty rare, at least for me. I looked ALL over for a pair until the fashion gods smiled upon me, so these are a holy grail item and I wear them with pretty much everything everyday. Here's a more detailed picture of em.

They have two panel-like details on the side which I think gives them a futuristic feel. They are seriously an amazing pair of shoes.
I also promise I'm not as grouchy as I look in the picture, well maybe in the morning.

Hope everybody's have are having a good weekend!