Editorials from Vogue China Feb. 09

I thought these two editorials in Vogue China this month were really cool. The styling is very much my taste, I need to start paying attention to Vogue China!
The first ed is called Natural beauty. I really like the messy mixture of pieces that probably shouldn't be worn together, but people like me really love. The juxtaposition of the styling and beautiful background tells the story that this person is maybe some sort of stylish nomad? Anyways, it's all good. Sorry the pics are so big, I wanted to show all the details.

Picture credit to kazaf from thefashionspot

The second ed is called: Rhinestone Cowgirl. It's no secret I'm a sucker for anything southwestern, so I ate up this ed. Because who wouldn't pair their disco ball Margiela jacket with some turquoise and a concha belt? The colliding of worlds makes for some very interesting looks.

I really like the way the the fringe looks in this picture, very hauntingly beautiful.

Picture credit to kazaf from thefashionspot

As always, thanks for reading.