La Chaqueta De Misterio

So while ransacking through vintage stores avec le papa, we stumbled upon this gem. Its origins: unknown. It looks to me to be a bit Asian, maybe Vietnamese(the collar tag has French on it)? But if you told someone it was from anywhere in the world, they'd probably believe you, which is what I love about it. One of my friends suggested everytime someone asks where it's from, to say a different place. LOL , I just might. At any rate, all I really know for sure about this jacket is that I loved it at first sight.

(It also has these flaps on the sides which I feel are very rad)

Its tag says that It's leather and it has red corduroy panels. What a combo, eh? Reminds me a bit of the jackets from Rick Owens' Fall 08 collection. Seen here worn by the lovely Carine:

Also under the collar tag, there's "Flaum" written, in what looks to be marker. Who or what Flaum is, I don't know haha but it obviously adds to the charm of the garment.

It's still raining sporadically today, but I hope to do an outfit post with me actually wearing the jacket soon. By the way, I also picked up a Levi's denim shirt this past weekend as well. I was quite happy because I passed up one in San Francisco at a Goodwill for 4 dollars because I didn't know if I'd see something else (idiot) and I've been looking everywhere for a good worn one. So I ended up paying 18 bucks for one months later, but it's cool because it fits really well which is great because it's very hard to find button ups that fit my torso.

Thanks for reading!