Bite my shiny metal ass!

Last Wendsday I was invited to see a showing of the last Futurama movie Into The Wild Green Yonder (Which comes out tommorrow btw) at the Fox Studios in LA. I went with some of my family and it was really really cool! I'm a huge fan of the show so this was very exciting for me and also sad because this may be the last Futurama ever. I also got to meet some of the cast/crew and other cool folks because it was a screening for everyone who worked on the movie. Anyways, I figure I'd show what I wore that night, although I swapped my beloved black tri-blend American Apparel shirt here for my favorite vintage The Simpsons T-Shirt I got at a store called Buffalo Exchange. This t-shirt is seriously old (it has home made stitching on the sides and what looks like an ear wax stain), it also has that oh-so-soft dilapidated shirt feel.

I'm wearing here an American Apparel cardigan, vintage simpsons tee, Cheap Monday jeans, crab pin from ebay, my favorite worn belt, and same ol same ol Stacey Adams'.
My cardigan is messed~ a bit in a futile attempt to show the crab pin. I took a detail shot to try to show it more but you still can't see it well haha, I'm gonna do an animal pin post soon because I love them so sit tight!

Oh yes and:

Oh hell yes

Doesn't this girl's outfit remind you of Margiela SS 08?

my scans and

EDIT: LOL I just noticed I put "kiss my shiny metal ass" and not bite as the title...LOL talk about a brain fart.

A bientot!