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Some more summer movie screen-caps I did, again in the spirit of immortalizing stylish and inspiring moments not widely available frozen on the internet. This time around I did Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi because I've always considered the protagonist to be an iconic figure, he's what I had in mind when I wore a black suit to prom haha.

I also made screen caps of the mighty Kiryu A.K.A Mechagodzilla from two aughties Godzilla films, not fashion or style related whatsoever (Except for the badass Kiryu caps, like, the thing you put on your head, not a screen cap), but I personally envision outfits together in my head within the cold depths of Kiryu's hanger and Tokyo lain to waste.

Really, I just made the screencaps for my own use but I figured I'd go ahead and post em here in case one of you guys wanted to see! Plus, Kiryu's not campy like the 70s Mechagodzilla and not as boring as the 90s Mechagodzilla, so it'd be hard for anyone to take any interest in it besides myself so I figure it's my duty. The screencaps aren't the best quality because I used the bootleg DVDs I bought when I was 12 to make them, but if you're a big enough Godzilla fan to want to see all those screencaps (or make them...) you're probably used to putting up a lot anyway.