It's spring break here in Orange County, but it's still cool enough to get some last good wears out of some of my winter staples. With the threat of warmer wearing looming in the sun filled months ahead, I decided it was time to see some garments out in style before they're packed away for the summer. I've been giving these Gap leather pants extra attention lately because besides being generally amazing for being leather pants, they're actually great for colder weather (and the hardest to try to wear in the summer heat). Here's some ways I've been styling them lately...

Gap leather pants American Apparel tee, vintage everything else

Pretty simple outfit thrown together with some favorite pieces- not a lot else to say besides the fact that it keeps me really warm.

Levi's jacket, Gap leather pants, vintage everything else

Fished this sassy cat shirt out of a pile of dirty vintage tees at a flea market. One of my favorite ways to style leather pants is completely out of context, so I thought I'd pair the two together. Inspired by a few things borrowed from my dad and concert goers from Wattstax.

Can't finish this post without a shot of our trusty cat Pinks. She always watches me make a fool of myself while taking pictures for the blog!

Borrowed these shoes from my dad. I love the design, color and they are super comfortable (which is not something I can say about the majority of the shoes in my closet).