Vintage shirt, shorts, and cuff and Stacey Adams shoes

Thought I'd try to squeeze in one last summer themed post while it was still August. Although, and anyone else from Orange County knows & would say the same, that 90 degree weather rears its ugly head round these parts throughout September. These shorts were my dads; it's hard for me to translate my inspiration from surf music into my clothes that's not in Hawaiian shirt form (not my style), but I feel like these shorts do the job.

My "Gotta Have Sax Drive Shirt" always reminds me of something someone might wear on Soul Train. I love watching old episodes and clips of Soul Train or any other 70s dance shows. The dance lines on Soul Train are way cooler than any runway show today, and the soundtrack just makes it even better.

Calfskin cuff I got at a flea market a while back. Perfect finishing Western-esque touch or vomit enducing factor to any outfit.



Denim on Denim: Looking through piles of dirty vintage clothes so you don't have to since 2009

Okay onto the pictures. Remember it's pretty much the wild west of picture quality from this point forward; prepare yourself for an onslaught of blurry pictures up the ying yang. The picture quality can be squarely attributed to my severe socially-awkwardness because I mostly take the pictures as fast as possible when the person running the booth isn't looking. I'm not about to take my time to snap a picture when the owner is staring you down with the stink eye. But I digress...


Because I can't put together decent outfit posts as much as I'd like to, what with life in the way and all, I decided to add an image blog so you guys won't have to wait a week for something new to look at! It should be updated next to daily; it's pretty much a Tumblr, but I wanted it to be closer to Denim on Denim. Just high-five the hand silhouette to your left with your mouse to see it! If you wanna come back to Denim on Denim, just grab hold of the cattle horns and you'll be right back here (because I never got the hang of figuring out a way to just add a page with an image feed)! By the way, "Left Hand" is when you politely reach in to shake someone's hand with your left hand instead of your right and you say "EYYY LEFFFT HANNDD", just clearin that up.



Every year my family and I go camping in Tioga Pass, just outside of the eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park. To me, the Sierras are the most beautiful place in the world. On the way, you go through the Mojave desert and the 395 Highway. I've always been profoundly inspired by the landscape and the sun-beaten towns you pass through along the way. A hobby of mine is collecting shirts from those towns and other paraphernalia, so I thought I'd style some looks inspired by some photos I snapped this time around. I didn't go nuts taking pictures on my trip, since my camera's not the best, but I think some of the pictures I got are really cool.


Everything I had on was vintage LOL

You guys have seen the Lee Vining shirt before. Lee Vining is the town right outside of the pass and overlooks the stunning Mono Basin. You can go in to town to enjoy some modern day luxuries (like take a shower) if you're camping. There's no downtown because IT'S ALL TOWN. I guess this look was inspired by the hippie, free-spirit types that come to the Sierras. I didn't see any fire trucks but I did see this truck...


My uncle took this picture with his camera. It's one of my favorites!

Levi's jacket and courds, shirt from Bodie, and vintage snakeskin boots.

Further north of Lee Vining is the ghost town of Bodie. My swell dad got me this shirt at a giftshop this time around. This outfit is really just something I'd just wear around town while representing my favorite ghost town. I really like the graphic for some reason, I guess because it's very simple and not stupid like most souvenir shirts. Here's a close-up of the graphic...


Everything I had on was vintage... AGAIN

Bishop is one of the larger towns on the 395. Bishop is known as the "Mule Captial of the World" because of its annual "Bishop Mule Days", which celebrates the contributions of pack mules to the area. My inspiration for this look was all the ranches and cows you see along the way. Close up of the shirt....

I got the shirt at a vintage store in Fullerton.

I'm on the cusp of launching an image blog! Should be up tomorrow! I'll post more pictures from my trip there! Stay tuned! ;)