Denim on Denim: Looking through piles of dirty vintage clothes so you don't have to since 2009

Okay onto the pictures. Remember it's pretty much the wild west of picture quality from this point forward; prepare yourself for an onslaught of blurry pictures up the ying yang. The picture quality can be squarely attributed to my severe socially-awkwardness because I mostly take the pictures as fast as possible when the person running the booth isn't looking. I'm not about to take my time to snap a picture when the owner is staring you down with the stink eye. But I digress...

There was a rack of old military jackets and theater costumes. Very Sgt. Pepper.

I think these jackets were used for some sort of community Shakespearean production? The red one reminds me of something from Dynasty.

This is the most beautiful Mariachi jacket! The decaying details are what I like best about it.

Antique Japanese firefighters coat.

Coolest tour jacket I've ever seen! The design on the back kills me.

Random colored furs.

Reminds me of a shrink's couch - but it'd have to be for a little person. Hey, everybody may need a therapist no matter how tall they are! Except I'm extremely certain that has nothing to do with what that actually is used for. Uhh I like how the pelts are displayed over it?

Very cool jacket - I love the yellow stitching!

I loved this Shark bag! I think it's a pencil case but it could also be a makeup bag. I'm not sure your typical makeup bag carrying girl would want a shark on her bag - but it would be so cool if she did!

Face leggins. If you feel like your one face is not enough, just add a few more to your legular-crotchular zone.

Smithers on the cover of what I think is a gay magazine along with some other Simpsons paraphernalia.

So badass! I love The Ventures! It was so soft too.

Cool Jimmy Reed shirt.

Love these paint splattered jeans, too bad they were a bit big for me.

I love the water damage on this mannequin; very beautiful.

My dad suggested I buy these slippers to match my hat. I will shove various parts of my body into filthy vintage clothes/shoes in the name of fashion, but not my bare toes into these bad boys.

These are so awesome! I would have gotten them if they weren't tiny. If I ran some cheesy fashion mag, I would definitely insist that my readers have a pair of shoes like these for a great finishing touch.

The fur on these reminds me of one of those Scottish Highland Yaks! If these were my size I so would've got them and worn them and every time I would look down I would "Aww" at the image of a Yak munching away on some grass.

These are so hoofish - I saw a few pairs like these, just not in my size. Definitely on my radar.

I loved the hardwear on these ski boots. They probably weigh a ton but I would still clunk around in them. It'd be like wearing a pair of Iron Boots from The Legend of Zelda!

Not crazy about the overall design of this shoe but I think the holes are a very interesting detail.

Cool design on the shaft of these!

Just in case you forgot what kind of animal died to make your shoes, you can just look down at the shaft of your boot and be reminded! Pretty cool ostrich design, reminds me of something on a Nudie Suit a little bit.

What looks to be an olde pair of military boots.

What looks to be a very, olde pair of military boots. Reminds me of something from Steamboy!

The mint green color of these combat boots brings these boots to a new platuea of coolness.

Cool pair of mustard boots from the 60s or early 70s.

The design on these are so cool! I love how the artist utilized an area of the boot that I think often goes neglected.

Awesome pair of Beatle boots.

These remind me of something Rick Owens has sent down the runway recently.

I turned 18 today! I'm very excited and nervous for adulthood. I also have my orientation today at our local Forever 21 - excited to start working! School starts on Wednesday but it shouldn't interfere too much with my normal erratic blogging schedule. As always Left Hand should be updated pretty regularly.

Thanks for reading!