Because I can't put together decent outfit posts as much as I'd like to, what with life in the way and all, I decided to add an image blog so you guys won't have to wait a week for something new to look at! It should be updated next to daily; it's pretty much a Tumblr, but I wanted it to be closer to Denim on Denim. Just high-five the hand silhouette to your left with your mouse to see it! If you wanna come back to Denim on Denim, just grab hold of the cattle horns and you'll be right back here (because I never got the hang of figuring out a way to just add a page with an image feed)! By the way, "Left Hand" is when you politely reach in to shake someone's hand with your left hand instead of your right and you say "EYYY LEFFFT HANNDD", just clearin that up.