I've been really inspired lately by the denim from Dolce & Gabbana's F/W 10/11 show. I was instantly drawn to the dried sludge look of the jeans - appealing to the part of my style DNA that wants nothing more than to wear the collection of dirty, tattered, smelly jeans that once belonged to a coal miner who lived a century ago. I've been lucky enough to have fished out a pair of jeans in that direction from the Long Beach flea market last month. Collecting shabby denim has become a new obsession of mine. A guiltless one too since they cost about a fistful of change.

Levi's jacket & jeans, American Apparel sweater, vintage Navajo inspired necklace, & snakeskin boots

My pair of jeans with a meager sludge stain. I'm researching ways to gnarl these up more. A pair of baggy, button-fly busted jeans are perfect for the blossoming spring weather.

From experience, the color orange works best in the realm of accessories. I'm really feeling how orange looks with green, two colors that I think most people tend to shy away from the most in their wardrobes. Must be the combination of everyone's least favorite colors that's appealing to my impeccable taste.

So excited for Spring! I'll keep you guys updated on my denim mutilation projects.



As both a natural born collector and lover of images, the fact that the old photo teacher's National Geographic collection has been up for grabs in my class has kept me rather busy these past few months. I've made it a habit to snip away at the inspirational content and slip them into my photo binder during the free periods I have after I've finished enlarging my prints. Disrespecting school property? Probably, but our new photo teacher is indifferent to what we do to them since they've just been collecting dust. I took it easy until one day a few classmates decided to start harvesting them and that sent me into full-on image hoarder mode. So please enjoy this first round of clippings. Most are from issues from the 70s and 80s. I'm not 100% sure of the info behind of most of these, but I'll include whatever info I can remember. I have plenty more clippings and I've picked up a sizable amount at thrift stores around town so expect more posts as I work on scanning them!

One of my favorites: a rancher from Japan. It was from an article about the westernization of Japan.



Antique Calvary Jacket, vintage plaid shirt of my brother's, Cheap Monday jeans, Lucite necklace, and 50s rain boots.

Was inspired to take out my cavalry jacket and try to style it in the most casual way possible. Not because I think I have to tone it down to go out or anything, I just thought I'd play around with the piece since it is more on the dramatic side. Pretty fitting for a lazy Sunday sitting around making waffles and playing Pokemon Pearl...

My brother has the most amazing collection of plaid shirts, granted some were my dads, but for me they fit perfectly for the baggier style. A surefire way to wash over any outfit with a laid back mood, because what's more casual than throwing on your brother's shirt?

These jeans are falling apart! I love how delicate the fibers look; like spider webs.

Anddd the boots. Clunky and comfortable, not usually what I go for in the foot wear department, but I cannot deny my love for these.

I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet

The fact that a place like this even existed and that I'll never be able to go and raid the racks of militaria is excruciating! Especially since my new hobby is window shopping on ebay and on
Herman's Military Antique-esque corners of the internet for military jackets. To be able to walk into a store and be up to my ears (and hopefully on my way out) in them, would be a fashion El Dorado. Check out this video to see an interview with the owner and an awesome Hendrix performance. Especially if you're like me and this is the equivalent of dangling a delicious donut in front of a dieter.

P.S. Check out an interview I did with Green By Design!



Just a random surge of inspiration. Shopping for myself these days has often left me despondent, since what I'm looking for usually cannot be acquired without use of a time machine, exist within my budget, or exist at all.



I apologize for the lack of new content! I've been swamped this past week with school obligations (which is actually pretty rare, thankfully). I would've done an outfit post, but my nose has been sunburned pretty badly (I can't take very much sun), so I'm waiting for it to work itself out and I'll return fresh as a daisy. For now, please enjoy these photos I took from last weekend's flea market.

Awesome mannequin. Brings to mind the Stones'Rock & Roll Circus performance of Sympathy for the Devil.