Vintage leopard skin cap, shirt, and boots, sweater and scarf from Forever 21, & Gap leather pants.

Would've posted earlier this week but every attempt to tiptoe outside and take outfit shots has been rained out. Sometime between leaving my lights on and having to jump start my car, the rain let up, so I decided to jump on that chance and drag my dad outside to take the pictures.

Not much to say about this outfit, other than it's what I'm into pretty much all the time. You got your boots, leather, leopard print, baggy sweater, vintage tee, and sloppy layers. I very much enjoy gallivanting around town in sloppy layers and dirty cowboy boots as Davy Faggot & His Leopard Skin Cap.

LOUSY picture but I loved the color of my dad's necklace with his Levi's jacket.

I took this picture of our dogs, Ricky & Rosie, begging my dad for food the other day. It was pretty impromptu, so the quality isn't all that great, but I had to immortalize their synchronized begging!

P.S. A pox has been lifted from this humble blog: there is no longer two "m"s in the URL! We are now


P.P.S. For the record, I only had the initial domain name because I was desperate to start blogging, and since some Johnny fuck-face decided to take denimondenim.blogspot.com and not even use it, I was left with no other seizeable options at the time.