All Vintage

Record breaking hot weather calls for bat winged sleeves and baggy jeans (oops, rhyming). I know it's not Summer anymore but it certainly feels like it here. Got this tunic about a year ago with weather like this in mind. Reminds me of something someone might have worn to Wattstax (One of my favorite documentaries and definitely one of the most stylish ever) or what one might wear "on holiday" in Morocco.

It's no secret I'm attracted to dumpster denim, so I was very excited to find a pair with a patch. This particular patch makes me think of it as a scab on these jeans.

Found this vintage bracelet for two bucks the other day. It is also no secret I don't deal with fussy bracelets, thankfully the handy velcro strap keeps it in line. At first I thought you could unzip the bracelet and put coins in it, but upon further inspection it appeared that the zipper leads to nowhere.

I always try to take picture of my cat, because she has the most amazing eyes, but she's super fidgety. She's a good sport for dealing with this weather, since she has a fur coat sewn to her skin.