Vintage scarf, sweater from American Apparel, Levi's jacket and jeans, and vintage calf hair boots.

Going back to basics again with some denim on denim and Keith Richards fueled inspiration. Like I've mentioned before, just because the blog's called 'Denim on Denim' it doesn't mean that it's a blog about denim on denim styles, but it always winds up on the blog one way or another. I didn't even have a denim shirt when I first started the blog! Not that I'm complainin, jussayin.

I guess it's apt that I churn out a Keith inspired post today because his memoir, Life, comes out tomorrow. I honestly can't wait to get a hold of it for a blast of second-hand sin to span several lifetimes.

Music always comes first though, then the style. Keith Richards and Brian Jones have always been two of my biggest style inspirations. Mick Jagger may be more glamorous and in the spotlight, but I personally feel like he's tried to hard to be trendy with his past sartorial choices, and thus doesn't appeal to me as much. Keith has pretty much looked the same since the Stones shed away their "Beatle-a-like" looks (And, not to mention, has become synonymous with skull rings, prayer rug scarves, handcuff bracelets and Johnny Depp's character from Pirates.).

Here's some of my favorite Keith looks I've got on hand. They've probably turned up on Left Hand already (or are going to), but they go along well with the post.

Obligatory shot of the calf hairs - one of the first things I'd grab in a house fire.