Vintage shark skin shirt, secondhand top, American Apparel scarf, random shorts, and Stacey Adams shoes.

I'm sure many style enthusiasts are just as tenacious as I am about holding onto our wardrobe staples that don't exactly go well with summer weather; going as long as we can before giving into the sweltering heat. After another round of final exams, and with the heat waves creeping ever closer to Orange County, summer is near. And with the arrival of summer comes another chance for me to try to find the balance between fashion & function (yayy)! Thought I'd experiment with some summer layering in this outfit shot, it held up against 80's weather pretty well. Was really inspired by the latest Miharayasuhiro collection...

Although I sincerely doubt that anyone could keep cool in that leather vest, it's nice to dream on about wearing flowy, nomadic layers.

Gotta run to my cousin's graduation!