Yesterday my family and I trekked out to Redlands to attend the Inland Koi Society Meeting! My uncle's girlfriend's parents are major koi enthusiasts (especially her dad!), and they hosted the meeting at their historic awarded Heritage Home.

Their house is incredible! I would have had to have gone into full-on shutterbug mode to capture all the cool features of the house. By the time I got to the second room I had to level with myself when I realized it would be impossible this time around and decided to just soak it all in (I didn't mean to intentionally let you guys down lol). It has a very Hearst Castle, Villa NellcĂ´te vibe to it. One day I'll come back and do an awesome photoshoot!

They are so cute and friendly!

This one was huge! They adopted him from a lady who kept it in very shallow, dirty water but it somehow managed to get huge.

Vintage denim jacket, red coral necklace, and Indian tunic, H&M Jeans, pewter octopus pin from ebay, and secondhand calf hair boots.