Triple Five Soul Jacket, vintage Levis jeans, vintage shirt, and vintage snakeskin boots.

Hey! Hi! Hello! It feels like it's been a while. This is what I've got on lately - I'm not certain that any pair of pants I've had on recently has cost me more than a couple of bucks. Don't take my lack of outfit posts and general contributions to the blog as a lack of interest, it's more a lack of organization. It's just been harder lately to find time for decent outfit posts, scans, etc. (What with the gameplay time in all of my pokemon games being in the 3 digits and all). I'm going to try my best to articulate, what is, the daily chaos of inspiration through my eyes, into my brain, and onto the blog more often. Which at the moment is somewhere between samurai, surf music, greasy spoons, and blues legends (Which at the moment is sounding like some sort of Tarantino film? Although I do enjoy his movies, they're not the vibes I'm surfing at the moment. ((Also, me talking like a brain dead surfer is not the side effect of my recent peak of interest in the music/culture, but probably has more to do with my Orange County upbringing))).

I've probably worn these boots too many blog posts in a row, I often tend to reach for them when I want to be genuinely inspired by what I've got on. There's nothing like having a dead snake wrapped around your feet and ankles to put a spring in your step.

Saying hello to my faithful cat Mouse while exploring the backyard of my neighbor, who recently moved out. Mouse serves as a faithful companion for outdoor spring time reading sessions once you get past the fact she sheds white hair over everything.

Thank you for stopping by and for the continued support! I really do appreciate hearing from you guys and always try to write back and to visit your guys' blogs too! Now I'm off to tackle an asinine busy work assignment assigned by my English teacher who's as stupid as she is crazy. Is it summer yet?