Levi's denim jacket, American Apparel micro mesh shirt and skirt, Cheap Monday jeans, necklace from a flea market, and vintage rain boots.
"Hey can your bring your AA skirt to school tomorrow? I'll explain then."

That was the text I sent to my good friend Paige the other day. Under any normal circumstances, a request like that would raise a lot of questions, but in our case Paige knew the time had come. For readers who have been following Denim on Denim long enough, you might remember a post I did about men in skirts, and I still stand by what i said. So it was inevitable that one day I would try my hand at the look. It all started when my dad bought me an awesome Levi's jacket. It brought to mind Rick Owens' S/S 2010 collection, so I set off to playing around and trying to emulate the style.

"...It brought to mind Rick Owens' S/S 2010 collection..."

Eventually I realized that all I was missing was a Rick Owens skirt to complete the look. With a pretty good memory of what my more style-savvy friends wear, I inquired to Paige about borrowing a skirt of her's that I thought might just do the trick. I think it worked out pretty damn well, a suitable upper-lower-middle class version of the runway style. My only regret so far is that I didn't get a chance to go to the grocery store in it after we took these.

Definitely needed a clunky shoe to weigh down this look.

Gonna help out F21's Heritage 1981 team with a shoot on Thursday - should be fun! For now I have a desert biome diorama to build. Yes!