January's flea market trip just in time for February! Lets kick this post off with a very long pair of jeans...

I could see this pair of jeans working really well in interior design. You could sling it over something, similar to the way people have fur shrugged over a couch or chair, or lay it over a chest or somethin.

Awesome mannequin. Makes me think of Prada F/W 09, since it looks like the hacked-off bosom of a She-Mars.

Vintage leopard pelt shrug.

Hoof doorstops? Maybe some very large book ends?

I have an obsession with anything that looks like it would take forever for me to do myself.

I don't even... but whoever ends up buying this has serious bff potential with me.

Moving on to some footwear...

Some Paul Smith loafers in the coolest colors.

These are so cool! They were too small for me unfortunately...

My attempt at a detail shot.

Some denim boots. If you wear these with some denim on denim, you can have denim on denim on denim. If you wear it with a denim 3-pc suit and jeans, you can have denim on denim on denim on denim on denim!

So obsessed with the embroidery on these jackets.


Metallic dark olive denim Play Boy jacket??? Sorry the lighting sucks - as usual the quality of these pics is a free-for all.

Now I'm gonna go back to endlessly almost-sneezing...