I spent this past weekend in Big Bear with some friends and family. One of my mom's friends owns a cabin there let us stay there (if you're reading Meyers, thanks again!). Coming from So Cal, I can be a bit of a fish out of water when it comes to lower temperatures, but I held up fine since it wasn't even that cold (but cold enough for my nose to be a rosy red, as you can see).

The view from the balcony is gorgeous!

I wore this to take a stroll in the snow. I have on a 60's tunic, rabbit fur vest, Cheap Monday jeans, and 50's rain boots.

Strollin around...

I bought these boots when I found out we were going. I picked them up at a local Antique Mall. I've been eyeing them for a while and figured now would be good a time as any to get them. They're unlike a lot of boots I have and they're versatile since they go well with shorts too. My favorite part about them in the zipper in the front - so cool! Pardon my messy cuffs, they're a bit askew from tumbling around in the snow (And from sledding! So much fun!).