Yup, another monthly post of my flea market travels. The catch about this time was that I only had 10 bucks to spend. I made away with two jackets, a Lacoste/Izod pullover, two articles of clothing for christmas gifts, and a necklace. That should be in one of those 'shopping on a budget' sections of magazines or something. Anywhoozle, I always try to photograph stuff that I haven't before so I hope these pictures offer some new inspiration.

Th fun part of these is guessing whether they were used in medicine or as crash dummies. Or maybe some serial killer in training was just practicing? Bayonet practice anyone?

What Ronald probably does all day.

How someone even acquires one of these, I have no clue.


According to my 'Collecting Japanese Movie Monsters' book, this Godzilla is from the late 80s.

Cool boots...

... more cool boots.

MORE cool boots.

I love the design and color of these!

I love the silver (maybe tin? I dunno.) detail!

Beautiful robe for lounging in style.

The gold-on-tan reminds me of something from Hermes, or the opposite since it's sitting in a dirty pile of smelly leather bracelets. Awesome crab belt buckle too. Poor man's Christopher Ross?

Tacky 80s fringe-fest aka true love.

Here's when the pics get pretty unforgivable, just bare with me until I get my hands on a very expensive, thus good, camera. So sometime In 2014.

I need a decent brown coat. I want this one from flea market post numero uno, but at 70 bucks, I'm taking my time.

This embroidered fish shirt would greatly improve the quality of anyone's life.

Green velvet coat, pretty badass.

Cute coat.

Love the patches! Again, please ignore the shit quality of this photo.

Tommy Hilfiger faux fur vest. Again pic quality...

Nice ethnic shirt.

Awesome poncho, I must be brainwashed by the sudden surge of people in ponchos.

This coat is very strange and intriguing on many levels. I should have gotten it, but again I only had 10 bucks.

I would have spent all 10 of my bucks on this jacket, since that's all it cost, but it was an XL. It's unfortunate it doesn't fit me, or rather it's unfortunate it's not a smaller size.

I'll definitely put together an outfit post after X-mas. I'm on break now so I have more time for outfit posts etc. Until then, I hope everyone has a great holiday/or had a great holiday, whatever you do or don't celebrate I hope it was good!