Well since I haven't had the time to throw together a decent outfit post (I mean other than my uniform of vintage tees and jeans - unless you guys wanna see that. I mean, I love it but I dunno I thought you guys might find it boring.) I figured I'd post some pictures of men/guys/fellas/whathaveyou that I find stylish/inspiring/nauseating/whathaveyou. You could say they're what I would be wearing today? Maybe who I wish I was today???


"Clint Eastwood, granny square sweater vest over an extremely sheer shirt. Playboy fashion spread, probably from around the time of Play Misty for Me, 1971."

Pete Townshend

Can we get through a post without some sort of reference to a 60's rockstar? No? Okay, just making sure. I don't find The Who to be a particularly stylish group, I mean, they did the mod thing well, but from the summer of love look and beyond NOT SO MUCH (ie Roger's floral, what I call "table cloth", he does own his fringe though, in my opinion). But this jacket of Pete's is amazing, an amazing photo really. One of my favorites. Fucking watermarks.


SOUL is just as important as STYLE. I need to do a whole post elaborating, but I had to squeeze in some Otis because I always dress myself with a soul infused soundtrack.


My favorite street style site, I'd take perusing through dropsnap over the sartorialist any day. Here's some looks that caught my eye as of late...

SO AMAZING. The mask just makes the look.


I love the color in his hair, makes me want to play with color again.

His layering is GENIUS.


I love the styling in this here picture. I'm not sure what magazine this is from; if you know please enlighten me!



I dunno who this guy is I've been informed by a helpful reader that it
's Lemmy from Motorhead, he's definitely my new muse.

Hope to squeeze in an outfit post this week, gotta find time in between tree trimming and finishing up school work for winter break! Hope everyone's getting into the holiday spirit! :)