Another Sunday spent at a flea market - I always feel like a kid in an enormous, dusty, candy store. Let's start this post on a wholesome note with this charming belt:

I would have gotten it except I think it was a size 50.

I love this chair...

...and this chair! Very enterprise. Take note of the painted smokers in the background.

Saw this woman and had to photograph her. I loved her look - viva mexico! That necklace is amazing too.

I love anything 60s - because having 60s costume party everyday is a lot more fun than not having it?

I also love anything western. This was a bit out of my price range haha.

I can never reiterate enough how much I love how everything is displayed at flea markets.

Pelts with Sesame Street toys? Genius!

Should have got that necklace for my caveman/hannibal lecter look...

I love those tour jackets! I want one someday. The designs are so cool.

I loved the light on the skull.

I love bones/skeletons so much. If that's wrong I don't wanna be right.

I find dioramas/models to be so compelling. I was a bit diorama deprived as a child - my school only did one. Such a shame.

I feel like this trunk possesses some kind of magical powers... or maybe it belonged to a mermaid?

Some bags...

I always see this bag, but this time I noticed it has the WWF logo on it. Strange, since I'm pretty sure it's made from real cow. I should just get it next time I go.

Shag carpet bag - reminds me of brain coral!

A goose to keep you company on those lonely nights? Kinda Norman Bates even.

Or maybe a pet cow - half the pet with none of the mess.

Some exotic items.


Love this dress!!!

I love this logo! The picture, not so much. The lighting was shit under the shade.

Interesting leather jacket.

A tasteful brooch.

I love this lion jacket - pretty tacky but mostly amazing to me.

Pretty sure this is from Star Trek? Not 100% sure. Fellow nerds? Help me out?

Made away with some great (& cheap! yes!) finds that should probably be dry cleaned before they find their way onto the blog... I couldn't find my pink fur coat! Some pimps must've swung by there!