I finally got around to capturing my favorite moment in ankle boot cinematic history, Keith Richard's python boots from Gimme Shelter. The few fleeting moments they are on screen have been etched into my styling DNA - epitomizing the trashy glamour and laissez-faire attitude of The Stones.

LOVE the red satin with the python boots.

The crowning detail...

The footage:

Another moment I captured is Joe Cocker's boots from his Woodstock performance. My dad and I were watching it together, and when they appeared on screen I was about to say how cool they are, but my dad beat me to it and said it first haha!

& the footage:

I mostly did this post for myself because I just wanted to have decent photos of the boots LOL. I was pretty busy this weekend and my dad's out of town until Wednesday, so expect an outfit post somewhere around then! Just thought I'd post something to fill the void haha, now I'm gonna go hug my snakeskin boots.