The wind in my heart, the dust in my head

I'm back from my trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Besides being a beautiful place to unwind, recharge, and escape, it also has a tremendous effect on my personal style. Places have just as much power as people to sway us, all too often I've gone to get dressed and chose an outfit to fit dusty high desert roads or glacier carved mountain ranges. My friend took these pictures of me a while back, this outfit I think embodies the part of my sense of style influenced by the landscape and sights of the Mono Basin, a basin home to the large salt water Mono Lake and offers a gateway to the Sierras to the west. This outfit's actually got some denim on denim, cheers for relevance.

I have on a secondhand Levi's shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, thrifted messenger, watch from a flea market, and secondhand calf hair boots.

Pictures I took from the view from Panum crater

I continue to be smitten by these boots to this day. An amazing go-to item for some added texture, plus they add a lot to a casual outfit. An element of styling I've always appreciated is having something unexpected and subtle to make an average outfit that much more interesting. It's great to have one of a kind pieces in your wardrobe that never cease to inspire.

By the way, I saw this guy in a skirt down by the South Tufa. REPRESENT.