Touching on the new frontier of fashionably accepted androgynous menswear here at Denim on Denim is not new, it's just something I love to talk about because I feel that blurring gender lines is the wave of the future for menswear. Wearing women's clothes isn't as crude as throwing on your mom's dresses or your sister's skirts, it can be done with much more thought and consideration of the wearer and with style and grace. So when I saw Jean Paul Gaultier's tube top clad runway models, I thought to myself: "Why the hell not?"

Sure, the denim top isn't exactly subtle, it's probably there for the shock factor. But the other tops I feel are skilfully styled and are what androgynous risks should be like, the look works for men from all walks of life. Covering the shoulders tones down the look considerably, but still conveys the message of bold androgyny. I could see this look working for all kinds of men. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Let's say a style like this catches on and ends up being force fed to people in fashion/style magazines, and all types of men start trying it, of course there's gonna be some not particularly stylish people wearing it. That's life, no one wants to see their hairy Uncle Soupy in a tube top or skirt, good god, but that doesn't mean the idea shouldn't be encouraged. It's not like all styles are supposed to work for everyone anyway, your mom doesn't wear Balmain skinny jeans and she doesn't have to.

Naturally, being a fashion racehorse of sorts and being wedged deep within my awkward teenage years, I decided to give the look a spin. I just pulled down my AA raglan and threw a red polyester shirt over it.

I also had on a self made buffalo tooth necklace, shorts from Target, orange bracelet from Ventura CA, skull bracelets from a flea market in Big Bear CA, and my favorite Stacey Adams sandal, shoe, things.

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