I've always loved paparazzi shots of 60's rock stars, and lately it's been unbearably hot. Put these two in my mind, give me about 10 minutes to try stuff on from a pile of my clothes, and you have this:

Vintage flick jean jacket, vintage Ray Bans, vintage scarf, random shorts, and vintage Stacey Adams shoes.

I'd have to say that most of my inspiration came from these pictures:

There's something about the styling here that's so over the top, and frankly a little off, and I like that. It's very devil may care. They're rich, they're famous, and talented, in furs, and don't give a flying fuck.

"It’s not I want to be that. It’s I want to feel that.”

I think this is the first time I've worn sunglasses on the blog. I love sunglasses, I really do, it's just one of the only pairs I have are these Ray Bans from way back when and it's not that they're not nice or anything, but I avoid em because they're so synonymous with the whole hipster look. But I also happen to like them, and I think they happen to be a classic despite being worn by skinny bitches the world over. So I threw em on to add some glamour, or what have you. That, and I wanna protect my eyes.

Other than attributing being a little more busy than usual lately to the slow down in posts, it's just too damn hot to wear clothes right now.