Being a style blogger has its perks, like when your relatives ask if you'd like a molting fur coat from the 40s. I got it last summer, and besides a spin around the block in it while riding an electric wheel chair (Don't ask), it has yet to be put to good use. I stumbled upon it resting in my garage the other day and decided it had to be photographed.

I've always liked the idea of fur (or faux, the look of fur in general) being worn completely out of context. It's hard to break out of the pimp or silver screen actress look with a classic looking fur coat. I thought it'd be cool to style a look that made something that used to be considered glamorous and stylish, look like trash. So I threw on some clunky boots, a vintage tee, grey jeans, and topped it off with a beanie to hide my hair that is in desperate need of a trim (I've always personally considered beanies to be the ultimate diffuser, they drag pretty much anything down to a casual level).

I picked up these boots at a great vintage store in Little Tokyo called Standard Issue. They remind me of the cracked-paint Margielas - I was instantly smitten!