All Vintage

Wearing some finds from the dollar-vintage-heap. I love these vintage Lee jeans so much! They can make me look sorta tall with the right pair of shoes (which for 18 years old at 5'8, is always a good thing) and evoke images of 70s disco dads and hippy scum.

I was inspired to try some brooches on fur recently. I also recently came to the conclusion that I want my style to be 'Classically Strange", which basically means that in 50 years any outfit will be just as strange as it was the day it was on my body. I feel like pairing my smelly vintage fur pieces together fits that criteria and more than fits the "I DON'T EVEN" criteria as well. It makes me smile to know that I'll have my furry dog brooch long after I've outgrown and lost most of my clothes.

I don't really wear bracelets other than on the blog, despite the fact that I have tons, because they tend to get in my way when I'm taking part in activities involving the use of my wrist. I do, however, wear this bracelet most often because it doesn't slip, slide, jingle and jangle as much as other bracelets.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I've been somewhere stuck between busy and lazy these days. I know I always say this but I do update Left Hand whenever possible so if you check there once and a while for new stuff it will mostly likely be there to greet you! It's just a lot easier to update a photo blog than it is to update a dress up blog - I'm sure my fellow bloggers will understand that. ;p