I was doodling before I left for Big Bear, and ended up with a few crudely drawn animey-mechanic-looking characters (because these are the kind of things I draw). So I decided to drag one of my designs off the paper and onto the blog.

I had on a vintage fur vest and army pants, sweater from American Apparel, and Stacey Adams shoes

Spliced in some cool original art (NOT MY OWN LOL) that better suits the mood I envisioned for the look, but the scenery behind the cabin we stayed in in Big Bear is fine too.

As usual, I fished the gnarly army pants out of some heap of clothes for a buck. They are covered with beautiful distressed details. You can tell they were actually used, which I appreciate so much more.

I helped out the good folks at 21 Men yesterday in downtown LA, which is always fun. I snapped some snapshots behind the scenes with my phone that I'll see if I can post soon. :)

I have a ton of scans and images I've accumulated that I'm hoping to post soon too, but I'm trying to figure out a way to add an image feed to this blog without making a whole new blog. Although the progress is moving at a snail's pace because I'm not very HTML inclined, so consider this a technological SOS!