Hey guys! Sorry for the complete lack of posts - I've been so ubiquitous lately! It's harder than you'd think to find time to even snap a few decent outfit shots! I just got back from spending the week with friends in a cabin in Big Bear. I borrowed my friend's camera to shoot some outfit shots...

I had on a cardigan from H&M, vintage sweater and lucite necklace, bracelet from a flea market, shorts from Target (I think?), and Stacey Adams shoes.

While we were there we went to a farmer's market they were having and they had a huge display of bracelets. I couldn't decide on which ones to get because there were so many! I figured I'd keep things under control and only get my 3 favorites.

REALLY lame shot (I was totally stumped for ideas of how to shoot it) of the bracelet I wore with my outfit. They are great for a small burst of color that's harder to work with on a larger scale (My favorite color red, for instance). I love how this bracelet has a pattern reminiscent of a king snake.

Sunset from the view from the balcony of the cabin

This kind of a post-and-run post since I'm off to the Sierras tomorrow for a week! I'll post as soon as I get back. Thanks so much for stoppin by! :)