Vintage custom Cuban blazer, American Apparel micro-mesh shirt, Gap leather pants, and vintage boots.

You know how I said I shouldn't buy leather pants going into summer? Yeah? Well for half off of 25 bucks on a practically new pair of Gap leather pants, I made an obvious exception. I picked them up at a local antique store. My dad had actually spied them before and let me know about them, so I went down and took a look at them. When I first had a look at them, I didn't see the reason I should gamble on these pants, since I'd be breaking my rule of not buying pants without first trying them on (no dressing rooms and a non-return policy), so I let them be. A few weeks later I thought I'd check them out again, and upon closer inspection, I realized they were half off (aka 13 bucks) and experienced a reaction similar to this cat. So I put my social awkwardness aside for the moment, and learnt upon asking that I could try them on in their bathroom (which is always fun when there's no locks), where I found them to be a great fit.

So for the the initiation of the pants onto the blog and the end of a search that has been ongoing since the very beginning of my interest in fashion, I thought I'd gussy myself up in a Givenchy-inspired outfit. Mostly since I seem to have various pieces of a wannabe Givenchy Homme wardrobe lying around anyway. The blazer I found for a dollar in a pile of vintage clothing, according to the tag it's Cuban and was a custom job. I've always liked the idea of wearing something dressy like a sport coat with something way less proper and more rocker (SO BAD... I dunno it just came to me... thought I'd share the butchered Dr. Seuss lameness), ie leather pants.
Can't wait to style these pants six ways from Sunday, I'll do an outfit post when I finish off this cold that's gone from my chest, to my throat and ears, and is now being flushed out my nose. Bonne journee!