Decided to take some pictures showing off some recent acquisitions after a day of non-stop rain...
Triple Five Soul jacket, vintage shirt, American Apparel scarf, belt from a flea market, Cheap Monday jeans, vintage snakeskin boots

I got the jacket brand spankin new last month at the Long Beach flea market for 25 bucks. I guess it cost about 100 more new, so I was definitely gettin my recessionista on. I've never heard of 'Triple Five Soul' before, I don't really pay attention to brands anyway, but I really like this jacket. It's nice to have something that's comfortable but doesn't let you down in the design dept.

My dad and I took the photos on top of the parking garage at our local mall. Kind of a suburban Autoamerican haha!

I've just made a pretty big purchase I'm SUPER excited about, and cannot wait to share with you guys! I'm figuring out the best way to debut it haha, so stay tuned! ;-)