Wore this to go shopping in downtown Pomona the other day...
Vintage leather hat, sweater, necklace, bag, and boots. LSL linen shirt & H&M jeans. Have you guys heard of LSL? I got the shirt at a secondhand store and it was brand new, but I've never heard of the brand.

I got this navajo-like sweater at American Vintage in Los Feliz while I was staying in LA last week. All I'm saying is that California better get in shape and cool down (is the fact that it's winter a good enough reason?) so I can wear this all the time. Kinda has a Missoni vibe to it too, which I like.

I picked up this plastic (maybe it's lucite? I wish? I was informed by a helpful reader that it is indeed lucite!) necklace at an antique mall sale in Pomona for a couple of bucks. I try to collect finishing touches and I think that this necklace is one of those.

My favorite traveling companions...

My break just ended, so I should have more time for blogging! You'd think that winter break would lead to more time for blogging, but I guess I was just out doing stuff for once instead! I got some shopping done too so expect some cool shoots with my new finds up soon. :)